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If you are not already one of our customers, you are paying more for your monthly monitoring. Pick what you want and pay for what you need. Nothing more.


We don’t sell contracts, we sell security. Learn about our flexible option plans for home monitoring. Don’t like exceptional customer service or attention to detail? There are no hard feelings if you want to leave at any time.


Have an existing system? Contact us and we will let you know if you can use your hardware. We can integrate with many of the top platforms out there and you could save a few bucks.

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[porto_testimonial name=”Jim F”]Not only has my home security been brought out of the dark ages, but we now have peace of mind knowing our family is protected.[/porto_testimonial][porto_testimonial name=”Michael B”]You want a great experience and piece of mind this would be the home security company for you!  [/porto_testimonial]