Flexible Options

Looking to secure a business or commercial facility? Our commercial and business security offerings can accommodate any environment. We can handle everything from camera surveillance, intrusion detection, employee access control, to fire alarms, along with 24/7 monitoring.

Intrusion Detection

Control Panels

  • Entry keypads
  • Reception control panels
  • Zone areas and specialty regions
  • Mobile control
  • Monitored alarm services
  • U.L. 24/7


  • Motion detection
  • Glass break detection
  • Door and window sensors
  • Temperature and water sensors

Access Control

Facility Access

  • Parking Access
  • Time of day access
  • Customizable key codes
  • Video intercom systems
  • Fob-based access control
  • Biometric
  • Power Door Operators – ADA

Fob Access

  • Quickly control new employee setups, employee terminations, and guest passes
  • Monitor and control access to inventory, data centers, or other sensitive areas
  • Time and attendance

Surveillance Systems

  • Video Surveillance
  • Close and long range cameras
  • Tamper proof enclosures
  • High resolution IP video
  • Remote access
  • Integrate with access control
  • Customized storage
  • Employee Efficiencies
  • Monitor employee efficiency or customer interactions
  • Keep staff and resources safe
  • Incident evidence

Fire Systems

Fire Alarms

  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Fire zone door automation
  • 24/7 U.L.
  • Monitored alarm services

Life Safety

  • Internal and external visual/audible alerts
  • Mass notification systems
  • Audio evacuation systems
  • NFPA 72